Automobile Collision Repair Complaints only please. This Complaint website is owned by an Insurance Industry Watchdog whose goal is to provide a place where individuals can post complaints about the Poor Quality of Collision repairs on their cars in the Cayman Islands. You are guaranteed Anonymity and Confidentially. If you feel that your Car Collision Claim and subsequent Repairs were handled un-professionally by any Caymanian Insurance Company, you can Post your Complaints here. Please mention the Year and Make of the Car and the details of your complaints. We feel that posting your complaints here will highlight to the Public and the Insurance Companies the wrong doings that we know are happening every day in Cayman, where Consumer Protection is basically non-existent. The Insurance Companies will certainly not like the Negative Publicity, and hopefully they will realize that they should be more fair at doing what you pay your annual Premiums for, which is for them to make sure that the Quality of the repairs to your Car are up to International Body Shop Industry Standards. Ultimately you will benefit because the Insurance Companies will improve their standards and that will benefit everyone. If they don’t they will lose Customers. You have a Voice now !
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